Never heard of us?  Join the club.  

We don't spend piles of money on advertising and marketing, which means you can enjoy the savings. That does make us a bit mysterious, but we think it also makes discovering QTS a bit like finding a hidden treasure!  

Where did you come from?

QTS was founded in 1996 and expanded quickly through the western United States. We admit, we grew a bit too quickly, so we slowed down in 2004 and took our time getting where we are today: making clients smile in 40 states.


QTS is an odd acronym!

You’re right, and it doesn’t put us first in alphabetical order either. But it does stand for three things we hold dear: Quality, Technology and Service! (Clever, isn’t it?)

Who is behind QTS?

We are owned by 70 individual stockholders and run by a board of directors with decades of business experience. We are safe and structured like a big, veteran firm, with the speed and agility of a young company.