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Exceptionally pleased with our choice of QTS

Our diocese has been working with QTS for almost 8 years and uses its payroll and human resources services. With almost 900 staff members in our organization working in different locations, there are a number of factors important for us. We especially appreciate the high level of personalized service and the ability to reach a live person quickly when we need help. Bottomline, we’ve been exceptionally pleased with our choice of QTS and look forward to our continued work together.

Charles Lawrence
Director and Finance Officer


Operational priorities.

For most CFOs and financial managers, a few issues consistently appear at the top of the metrics list.

  • Reducing costs
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Risk reduction and compliance
  • Strengthening the bottomline

What some don't realize; however, is that the right payroll and human resources partner helps to achieve these operational metrics. At QTS Custom Payroll & Human Resources Solutions, we consider that an important part of our job.

Quick to deploy, simple to use and affordable.

As your payroll and human resources partner, QTS helps financial teams:

  • mitigate payroll risk. For most organizations, it’s the largest expense category and regulatory and tax compliance is critical.
  • reduce exposure to payroll fraud
  • decrease costs of managing payroll and people processes, and associated labor costs
  • assess organizational metrics with current and historic data
  • gain insight for decisionmaking about budgets, expense management and growth indicators

The QTS team also provides you with expert and highly-personalized support in the specialized arenas of payroll, payroll taxes and human resources, expertise that most organizations don’t have in house.
Bottomline, choosing the right payroll partner accelerates organizational effectiveness while reducing the risk.

Delivering savings to the bottomline.

QTS makes managing the important business of people in your Catholic organization easy and affordable. And there are guaranteed savings compared to the cost of current services from another national provider. That’s why we're the preferred provider for Catholic Purchasing Services organizations. It also makes us the payroll company of choice in provider-to-provider comparisons.

Is your payroll partner helping you achieve your metrics? Find out how simple it can be. Get in touch for a conversation or complete the form below.

Breck Hansen

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