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We don't spend piles of money on advertising and marketing, which means you can enjoy the savings. That does make us a bit mysterious, but we think it also makes discovering QTS a bit like finding a hidden treasure!

Where did you come from?

QTS was founded in 1996 and expanded quickly through the western United States. We admit we grew a bit too quickly, so we slowed down in 2004 and took our time getting where we are today: making clients smile in 40 states.

QTS is an odd acronym!

You’re right, and it doesn’t put us first in alphabetical order either. But it does stand for three things we hold dear: Quality, Technology, and Service! (Clever, isn’t it?)

Who is behind QTS?

We are owned by 48 individual stockholders and run by a board of directors with decades of business experience. We are safe and structured like a big, veteran firm, with the speed and agility of a young company.

Meet the Board

QTS’ operations are overseen by a Board of seasoned business professionals who participate in formal Board Meetings on a quarterly basis.

Tom Haynie

Former CFO of Manpower, Inc. of Southern Nevada

Tom’s work experience also includes positions with Ernst and Young, the USAF, FBI, EDS, Stations Casino, and founding a manufacturing business. Tom has served on the QTS board since 2006.

Andy Katz

Former President of Manpower Inc. of Southern Nevada

Andy was an early investor in QTS and we will be forever grateful for his business advice, support, and friendship. On February 23, 2016 Andy passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Tracy A. Madsen

CFO and VP of Administration, Golden Eagle International Inc.

Tracy also spent 14 years serving as CFO for various aviation businesses and as a branch manager for First Interstate Bank of Nevada. Tracy has served on the QTS board since 2006.

Jim Ritter

President – QTS Payroll Services, Inc.

Jim worked for ADP for over 14 years before starting a real estate development firm in Idaho. He joined QTS’ Board in 2004, became CEO in 2005, and continues to serve on the Board as President.

Rick Eddins

CEO – QTS Payroll Services, Inc.

Rick joined QTS in 2001 as an Operations Associate and prior to his promotion to CEO was running QTS’ Client Service, IT, and Operations departments.

Per Skoldin

Former Board Chairman - QTS Payroll Services, Inc.

Per’s work experience includes international business, heading up an international aircraft leasing and trading firm in the U.S., and several start-ups. Per is a former CEO of QTS and has served on the board since 2001.

Clients Love Us!

Service metrics make up to 40% of every associate's performance appraisal. They are also primary components of our quarterly bonus program. This year's average client quality survey results were 4.84 out of 5.0 and our annual client retention was 95.2%.

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Barb, United Way of Treasure Valley
My employer has been utilizing the QTS platform since 2016 and I have found it to be a tremendously helpful in all things payroll-related! Not only is it easy to use but it is also an affordable service that far outperforms its price point. Additionally, the Time Tracker feature is simple and logical to use and enables us to import into the QTS payroll software. Finally, the customer support and service are top-notch. Thank you, QTS, for being such a fantastic resource for our payroll and HR needs!
Dorothy, Red Hawk Golf Course
They are so willing to help me out and answer silly questions I have.

I’m familiar with more than four payroll systems and have used QTS for approximately 20 years for several accounts. It is by far the best! For the most part, I attribute this to your excellent staff, always accessible and extraordinarily knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and patient. QTS has developed the best program on the market and I will continue to recommend it to anyone searching for the perfect payroll system.


In 2015 we decided we needed a new payroll provider that would not charge the excess fees we felt we had been paying for years. We found QTS we were connected with Breck, Rick & Jim. We found that the platform offered was similar to what we had been using from the "big box" payroll company and we would be spending half as much. We signed on and our transition was great. We had support from everyone, from every angle and they made our transition seamless. I really appreciate that I can call or email the support team and I always get a person and they are always able to help me out in a quick manner. We continue to be impressed with their offering and we look forward to growing with them.

Owyhee Metal Works

We opened our business almost 2 years ago and I tried doing payroll while not having a clue what I was doing. We've grown from 1 employee to 9 employees and were too busy getting the business up and going to worry about all the details of payroll. QTS is an affordable and viable alternative to the headache of doing payroll yourself! They take care of our bi-weekly payroll, quarterly and annual tax reports, W-2's, and any other questions we have regarding payroll. I highly recommend the QTS team!

Creative Imaginations

We were introduced to QTS as a means of simplifying our payroll process. By implementing a time clock system, payroll literally now takes minutes to process and we are better able to control employee costs. We are extremely happy with the simplicity of the program and the customer service has been exceptional. Thank you for freeing up hours of work so that we can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of running our business!


We love QTS Payroll. Really user friendly processing and fantastic customer service!

Affiliations & Memberships

A Green Initiative

QTS understands that we have a responsibility as a corporation to take the lead in protecting our environment and supporting our community. To fulfill this commitment we have implemented multiple programs without any cost increase to our clients

  • We purchase carbon credits to offset our carbon footprint.
  • We support Opportunity Village's paper recycling services.
  • We recycle 100% of all toner cartridges.
  • We have earned the Green Business Network Seal of Approval.
  • We use recycled paper for all internal and external printing.
  • We have implemented a can and bottle recycling program.

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