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Owners and Executives

“Love this company…I am not an accountant or bookkeeper. I'm just a small business owner that does not feel comfortable delegating certain items. Payroll is one of them. We were with (a large national provider) in the past and unfortunately the cost to handle our payroll was not only expensive but mistakes were made. I've also referred QTS to other businesses that will benefit from your services. Thank you for making payroll cost effective and user friendly!”

“You would think I was related to the owner of QTS based on my review. Have always been pleased with the timeliness when we have issues or need information concerning payroll. Excellent satisfaction with QTS.”

“We have used QTS for 9 years and have been very happy with the service. Staff is always professional and very helpful.”

“I love the continuity of staff who are well versed on the QTS payroll software. We have been with QTS for years and have been happy.”

“I left a few years ago and regretted it. Now QTS for life!”

Payroll Managers and Accountants

“QTS has been my choice for payroll services for several companies I have done bookkeeping for over the last ten years and I will continue to use and refer customers to QTS.”

“My employer has been utilizing the QTS platform since 2016 and I have found it to be a tremendously helpful in all things payroll-related! Not only is it easy to use but it is also an affordable service that far outperforms its price point. Additionally, the Time Tracker feature is simple and logical to use and enables us to import into the QTS payroll software. Finally, the customer support and service are top-notch. Thank you, QTS, for being such a fantastic resource for our payroll and HR needs!”

“I have been a customer of QTS for many, many years. A few years back, I was schmoozed by a representative of (a major national company) and convinced to leave. After a painful onboarding process and a complete loss of the honeymoon phase, I discovered I was no one to (provider) and was going to get no help from anyone when I needed it. The system was not user friendly, and neither were the people. Let's just say it was one of my biggest professional failures. I decided to come back to QTS and have never regretted the decision. As a small business QTS makes my life easier, not harder. I am now about to start a second business and I have no question who will be doing my payroll! QTS for the win!”

“I always appreciate that I can call with a question and speak to a human. They are helpful and courteous and never sound annoyed when I call with questions. I appreciate them greatly!”

“Staff is awesome!”

“I've enjoyed being a client for many years -- you just keep getting better.”

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