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Digital Applicant Tracking Increases Recruiting Effectiveness

The QTS automated applicant tracking system is an essential component of a well-organized, effective recruiting strategy and critical to hiring effectively in both small and large organizations. This searchable database of job openings and applicants gives the human resources team and hiring managers the ability to easily search, organize and communicate with job seekers while tracking required information, substantially streamlines the hiring process. This means new employees can be brought onboard quickly and managers can devote time to other critical job functions.

For example, managers can set screening questions and identify required experience and qualifications by setting keywords and phrases. The system will then analyze and prioritize the resumes which most closely meet the requirements for a manager’s review. Applications are stored and can be filtered by keyword or a host of other criteria for easy retrieval in the future.

Quick to deploy and simple to use, the QTS cloud-based applicant tracking system is linked with electronic onboarding, housed within the comprehensive human resource management system. It is fully integrated with the QTS payroll platform for comprehensive data flow throughout the organization.

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