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Automated Onboarding Brings Savings to the Bottomline

Organizations can save many hours of work for each new hire simply changing to digital onboarding. In traditional paper-based processes, it is not unusual to wait a week or more for mailed forms to arrive and to spend several hours with a new hire on the first day. This is often followed by the need to re-enter data from the paper form to the payroll system. The paper process elevates the risk of error in addition to being frustrating and time consuming.

Electronic onboarding automates the tedious process of manually creating offers, communicating with candidates, waiting for the mail, handling and tracking paper forms, and entering the data again into payroll. The QTS onboarding platform also handles related tasks such as setting and tracking orientation tasks for managers and new employees, and other phases of new employee induction.

QTS onboarding is a component of its cloud-based human resources system, fully integrated with the payroll platform to create a concise flow of information throughout the organization and easily manage the full employee lifecycle.


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